Revelations In The Shower

Have you ever had a sudden realization in the shower?

I seem to do some of my best thinking in the shower, but recently I had a revelation thanks to the shower itself. 

I was on the motivational assembly tour, and the shower where I was staying had a standard showerhead and an additional showerhead in the ceiling for a “rain” effect. 

I was using the standard showerhead when I felt a cold water drop land on my head. 

I tried to ignore it at first, but after a few more drops I looked up to see that the overhead showerhead was dripping cold water drop by drop. 

I moved around in the shower to try to find a space where the cold drops wouldn’t hit me, but I finally conceded that I would just have to deal with the cold drops during the shower. 

And every single time a cold drop hit me, I noticed it. 

Suddenly I had a revelation.  There were thousands of drops of warm water hitting me during the entire shower, but all I could focus on was each individual cold drop. 

Isn’t that a perfect metaphor for our lives? 

If we look for them, we have so many blessings and advantages.  For many of the people in my life, we can identify these privileges: 

We live in America.  We have a roof over our heads.  We speak English.  We’ve had an education.  We have people in our lives who care about us.  We have an internet connection.  We have a phone that has the entire assembled knowledge of humanity at our fingertips. 

Or we could even take it to a deeper level.  We are hurtling through the universe on a rock that is spinning incredibly fast around a giant fiery ball of gas that is just the right distance to not cook or freeze us.  And this planet has the perfect atmosphere to provide us with breathable air and potable water.  And we have created civilizations that allow us to live and travel while keeping us safe (for the most part) from natural predators in our environment. 

If we start looking around us, we can identify so many miracles or strokes of fortune that allow us to continue to live on this earth in relative peace and comfort.

But how often do we focus on the drops of problems in our lives?  How often do we ignore the thousands of warm water droplets of blessings in our lives and obsess over the few cold drops?

I’d love to hear how you focus on the thousands of warm drops in your life! Let’s talk about it on Facebook and Twitter.

Posted on September 17, 2015 .