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Belief Is Stronger Than Proof

Have you ever tried to change a “bad” habit (eating candy, smoking, not exercising, watching Honey Boo Boo, etc.), only to feel powerless against the momentum of something that you know is bad for you?

This is incredibly frustrating, but we beat ourselves up for the wrong reason.  We think, “Man, I must be so weak if I can’t do something that I know is logically a better choice for me and my future.” 

In reality, we’re looking at the wrong part of the problem.  We are focusing on how much proof we have, when really we should be focusing on what belief (either conscious or unconscious) we have about that habit. 

Is Motivation Overrated?

Think back to when you were learning to drive a car.  At first, every movement requires concentration.  Check the gearshift.  Check the rearview mirror.  Look at your speed.  Switch your foot to the brake.  Look at the traffic light.  Calm your panicked mother who is pressing the imaginary brake on the passenger side. 

After a little practice, these individual elements become automated, and you just “drive.”  Paying attention to every detail and making so many decisions is exhausting initially, but once it’s automatic we just turn on the car and go.  And leave mom at home.