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The Power of Momentum

  Watch the Video! "Momentum" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Blog Rap #30)

Do you ever have days when you’re trying to get something done but keep telling yourself things like:

“Okay, I’ll start after I read one more blog post.”

“I’m just going to scroll through a couple more things on my Newsfeed.”

“It’s 1:21.  At 1:30, I’ll get back to work.”

“I’m almost done with this chapter / episode / article of my newest book / Netflix show / magazine.”

“After I eat a snack, I’ll be more focused.” 

I find myself using these rationalizations all the time.  And they seem productive because I feel like I’m giving myself a little break, which will set me up for success.  

But what I’ve found is that I’ve usually got it backwards. 

Posted on March 19, 2015 .