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When Have You Ever Truly Failed?

     Watch the Video! "Never Stop The Grind" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Blog Rap #38)

Sometimes people ask me how I can just freestyle rap in front of any audience.  They say things like, “I’d never have the courage/confidence/craziness to trust myself to make up a rhyme on the spot that wasn’t terrible.” 

The reality is that I don’t think I have a lot of courage either.  I’ve just changed the question I ask myself before I start to rap. 

Posted on May 14, 2015 .

The Universe is Running on a Delay

     Watch the Video! "Delay" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Blog Rap #18)

When I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from New York, I left behind my dear friends in the a cappella group The Lost Keys 

Having spent over a decade beatboxing and rapping with a cappella groups (including Innuendo, Wake Forest’s co-ed a cappella group), I was interested in continuing to perform in the Bay Area. 

So I researched groups and sent introductory emails to a number of groups who I thought were awesome and could be a good fit.  All of them responded that they currently didn’t need beatboxers. 

What I’ve Learned From Video Games

     Watch the Video! "All In" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Blog Rap #16)

In light of the recent Gamergate hoopla that has featured some outrageous misogyny and personal attacks, I thought this might be a useful opportunity to discuss the positive lessons I learned from a life of gaming. 

When I was 5 years old I started playing educational games like Math Blaster, Treasure Mountain, Operation Nepture, and Carmen Sandiego, but my true love was always Sierra’s Quest For Glory series.  The combination of humor and adventure in these role playing games made me fall in love with creative story telling and develop the long-term commitment needed to complete a quest. 

Good Things Come To Those Who Grind

     Watch the Video! "Grind" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Blog Rap #12)

Take a moment to think about the meaningful things that you’ve accomplished in your life. 

Passing a hard test, graduating from school, making the sports team, beating your favorite video game, building an organization, helping people in need, sharing your art, comforting a depressed friend… all of these things share something in common. 

They are difficult, at least in the beginning. 

Posted on October 23, 2014 .