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A Year Of Hip-Hop Motivation

     Watch the Video! "A Year of Hip-Hop Motivation" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Blog Rap #52)

One year ago, my business partner and I came up with a fun idea as we were starting our hip-hop motivational work: 

What if we did a motivational blog post and recorded a rap video each week to inspire students and adults to live happier, more fulfilled lives? 

We started filming in my living room with an iPhone and turning the TV into a teleprompter for me to read the lyrics while I rapped. 

Posted on August 20, 2015 .

More Cross Than Fit: My Struggles With CrossFit

     Watch the Video! "Workout" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Blog Rap #28)

When I moved to the East Bay, doing a little research revealed that the cheapest gym in my area was CrossFit. I had heard rumors about the brutal WODs ("Workout of the Day"), intense coaches, and fanatical quality of CrossFit adherents. So it was with a cautious spirit that I attended a Saturday morning introductory class in July.

Posted on February 19, 2015 .

Good Things Come To Those Who Grind

     Watch the Video! "Grind" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Blog Rap #12)

Take a moment to think about the meaningful things that you’ve accomplished in your life. 

Passing a hard test, graduating from school, making the sports team, beating your favorite video game, building an organization, helping people in need, sharing your art, comforting a depressed friend… all of these things share something in common. 

They are difficult, at least in the beginning. 

Posted on October 23, 2014 .