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Hip-Hop Matters

Growing up in Hickory, NC, my initial love for hip-hop grew from a fondness for poetry combined with the irresistible and sinister charisma of Method Man, B Real from Cypress Hill, and DMX.  The beats and rhymes catapulted me into an alternate universe where MCs battled for supremacy over minor-key soundtracks of lingering dread.  In some ways, the images and scenes that ran through my head as I listened to 90’s hip-hop were an extension of the imaginary worlds that I created when reading sci-fi and fantasy novels like Ender’s Game or Lord of the Rings, or when playing computer games like Quest for Glory or Starcraft.  But the power of hip-hop was different because I could create it too.  I didn’t have the programming skills to code a complex computer game or the literary chops to write a best-selling novel, but I could rhyme about my life and the world as I saw it. 

Posted on July 24, 2014 .