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Growth Mindset and Grit

Create a culture of perseverance and confidence at your school through Growth Mindset assemblies, parent nights, staff development, and video curriculum.


Blake’s assemblies feature age-appropriate and engaging Growth Mindset and Grit lessons infused with beatboxing, comedic storytelling, and family-friendly freestyle rapping.  The presentations are customized differently for elementary, middle, and high school students with stories, humor, and messages that resonate with each audience.

“Blake was able to reach the high school kids with a message appropriate for them, and had a very different approach for my kindergarten students up to my second grade students... It was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved!”
— Rachael Berkemeier - Arts and Education Coordinator at Batesville Primary School, Indiana

The outcomes of the Growth Mindset and Grit assemblies are to help students feel excited to learn new things (rather than feeling afraid or discouraged) and to help them keep going when they encounter challenges in their educational and personal lives, and are based on the research of Carol Dweck (author of Mindset) and Angela Duckworth (author of GRIT).

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“You ARE making a difference... I heard one student say that your show was the best assembly he has ever been to. Another student came in the office today and said that she has a new outlook on life from your assembly. Keep up the great work and I look forward to having you back next year.”
— Message to Blake from James Sterenczak - Principal at Yardville Heights Elementary, New Jersey

Parent Night:

In order to provide deeper support for students and their families, Blake offers a 45-minute parent night presentation designed to support parents and guardians in understanding and implementing the Growth Mindset with their children. The evening also includes a Q&A for parents who are able to stay after the presentation.  

“Last night we had Blake Brandes do a presentation for our parents about growth mindset, which was both in Spanish and in English, and it was really well received by everyone in the audience. Today he did the assemblies for the students and he did a great job. We really appreciate it!”
— Linda Muranaka - Principal at Tunnell Elementary, California
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Staff Development:

The staff presentation is a 30-45 minute presentation for teachers and school staff aimed at deepening their understanding of the growth mindset and how to support students in the classroom.  This interactive and engaging professional development session provides teachers with practical ways to implement Growth Mindset messages and ideas in the classroom.  

“We got our bang for the buck! This was amazing! We can’t thank Blake enough... and it was so nice to have our students, our staff, and our parents on the same page in creating a new growth mindset culture at our school.”
— Krista Keneman - Vice Principal at Peterson Middle School, California

The Power of the Growth Mindset Video Curriculum Program:

This Growth Mindset video curriculum launches the excitement and passion ignited at Blake’s Growth Mindset assemblies into the classroom. With short videos and fun assignments, the video curriculum can be used to deepen the experience of the presentation or as a stand alone program for use in the classroom to help create courageous and resilient students! Click here for a quick intro video to learn more.

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“Blake came out to our school today to perform for our 7th and 8th graders. He really motivated our students, and he used freestyle rap and beatboxing, which the kids really enjoyed. Even the most unenthusiastic kid was super into it because they were really focused on what he was saying the entire time. It was really awesome!”
— Brittani Clark - Programs Coordinator at Campbell Middle School, Georgia

Check out Blake's 3-minute Demo Video!

A powerful video by a school district about Blake's visit!