Remix Your Reality


Blake helps students recognize their inherent power and encourages them to create lives they love.

Through an interactive, family-friendly presentation that features beatboxing with a loop pedal and freestyle rap, Blake introduces age-appropriate and accessible stories about the growth mindset, which encourages learning, perseverance and confidence.

Blake shares with students how his love for hip-hop inspired him to connect with school in a new way, overcome challenges, and use his passion to help others. Students leave his presentations feeling energized, motivated, and empowered to take ownership of their own success.

Topics covered in Blake's speeches:

  • Growth Mindset and Grit
  • Overcoming challenges and redefining failure
  • Telling an internal story of success
  • Creatively connecting your passion to your schoolwork
  • (K-6) - Being a superhero in your own life and the lives of others 



Blake's workshops with students of all ages are a popular offering due to the transformations and revelations that teachers witness in their students during and after the workshops. 

Through creative writing and group discussion, students will learn how to recognize that the problems in their lives are actually opportunities, and that they have choices as to how they respond to situations they encounter on a daily basis. 

Blake's goal for each workshop is to help students from all backgrounds step into their power and recognize that they can be leaders who take responsibility for their actions and futures!

Workshop durations can be adapted to fit students’ schedules, and available workshop topics include:

  • Turning Problems into Opportunities
  • Passion + Academics = Success
  • Beatboxing and Public Presentations
  • Creative Writing to Deal with Life’s Problems
  • Creating Impact as a Student Leader
  • Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • How to Succeed in a Crowded Job Market
  • Building Professional Relationships
  • Writing Successful College and Scholarship Applications
  • Media Literacy/ Critical Analysis of Hip-Hop
  • (Educator Professional Development: Engaging Students Through Culturally Relevant Pedagogy)


Hip-Hop Education

Step Lesson

This teaching technique utilizes hip-hop to educate and entertain audiences simultaneously. When incorporated into youth education, it creates comparisons between hip-hop culture and music and the challenges students face in their daily lives. Blake includes performative elements of hip-hop (like rapping, beatboxing, and stepping) to every keynote and workshop.

Read the article "Yes, I Rap" by Dr. Blake Brandes to learn more about his experience with hip-hop education.



Check out Blake's 3-minute Demo Video!

A powerful video by a school district about Blake's visit!