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The Power of the Growth Mindset Video Curriculum Program with Dr. Blake Brandes

After speaking to over 100,000 students, parents, and staff over the past year about the power of the growth mindset, I have seen the ability it has to change lives.

In order to help students and school communities more fully incorporate the growth mindset and all its amazing benefits, my team and I developed The Power of the Growth Mindset Comprehensive Video Curriculum Program designed to engage students, staff, AND parents.

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We worked with educators to make sure the program is both engaging to students, and includes everything it needs to make it more accessible to schools through Title I and Title IV, Part A funding. We even confirmed with a federal program administrator that The Power of the Growth Mindset Video Curriculum Program qualifies for this funding by being “allowable, reasonable, and necessary” to create “well-rounded students and safe and healthy schools."

This comprehensive program includes:

  • 10 five-minute video lessons on the Growth Mindset and Grit
  • Grade appropriate in-class activities for each lesson that can be done in 10 minutes or fewer
  • A lesson plan for each of the 10 video lessons
  • Pre- and post-assessments (grade level differentiated) for tracking results and progress
  • Ready-to-use parent and staff discussion prompts for each lesson, in order to support the students, build community, and reinforce the Growth Mindset message at home and in the classroom
  • Pre-written newsletter announcement blurbs and summaries for morning announcements

If you are interested in bringing The Power of the Growth Mindset Video Curriculum Program to your school or would like to learn more, please click the CONTACT button below or call (510) 858-9009.

To book Blake for in-person growth mindset events — which include student assemblies, staff development presentation, and parent nights — email us at booking@motivationalmillennial.com.